My reviews started with local Orange County shops, and have expanded to all over the country. My search for cupcakes has even lead me to places as far off as Rome, Italy. As long as cupcakes continue to be made, I will continue my calling of tasting cupcakes. Check out my reviews of every cupcake shop I've visited. I hope this will lead you to the best cupcakes you've ever eaten!

B Sweet Catering (Los Angeles, CA) 3/7/11
Babycakes (Torrance, CA) 7/15/13
Bake You Happy (Castaic, CA) 2/19/09, second review 1/27/11
Beverly's Best Bakery (Brea, CA) 9/21/08
Bristol Farms (Newport Beach, CA) 9/7/08
C for Cupcake Cupcakery (Orange County, CA) 3/23/12
Casey's Cupcakes (Irvine, CA) 10/8/15
CB's Cupcakess (San Diego, CA) 4/29/11
Claim Jumper (Brea, CA) 12/19/08
Cocoa Lounge (Newport Beach, CA) 3/27/13
Crumbs Bake Shop (Beverly Hills, CA) 5/11/09
Crushcakes (Santa Barbara, CA) 5/7/10
Cupcake Blake (Orange County, CA) 11/3/10
Cupcakery (Thousand Oaks, CA) 2/15/10
Cupcakes Couture (Manhattan Beach, CA) 5/21/12
Cupcakes Express (online delivery service) 12/22/11
Deanna's Gluten Free (CA) 5/20/13
Divine Desserts (Laguna Niguel, CA) 12/29/09 CLOSED
Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles, CA) 6/22/08
Dolce Vista Sweets & Treats (Orange County, CA) 12/20/10
Dolcissimo (Costa Mesa, CA) 6/1/08 CLOSED
Dolcissimo Bake Shop (Santa Ana, CA) 1/28/13
Dollhouse Bake Shoppe (Online-Los Angeles, CA) 2/23/11
Dots Cupcakes (Pasadena, CA) 3/10/10
Elizabethan Desserts (Encinitas, CA) 6/3/08, second review 7/20/08
French's Cupcake Bakery (Costa Mesa, CA) 12/15/08
Fresh & Easy (Orange, CA) 12/20/08
Frosted Cupcakery (Long Beach, CA) 5/20/11
Frostings (Lake Forest, CA) 7/8/09
Frost My Cake (Brea, CA) 1/24/11
Hapa Cupcakes (Fullerton, CA) 5/7/14
Jennifer Stonebarger Designs (Orange County, CA) 9/20/10
Kara's Cupcakes (San Francisco, CA) 10/21/09
Luna Grill (Irvine, CA) 11/9/12
Mammoth Mountain Lodge (Mammoth Lakes, CA) 2/10/09
Merely Sweets (Brea, CA) 10/5/11
Meringue Bake Shop (Orange County, CA) 5/1/09 MOVED
Morsels Baking Company (Mobile Truck in Orange County, CA) 8/11/10
Mrs. Beasley's (Santa Ana, CA) 12/14/08
My Delight Cupcakery (Ontario, CA) 2/3/11
Nothing Bundt Cakes (Tustin, CA) 4/10/12
Oh For Sweets Sake (Mobile Truck in Orange County, CA) 10/26/10
Orange County Fair 2008 (Costa Mesa, CA) 7/27/08
Orange County Fair 2009 (Costa Mesa, CA) 8/11/09
Pacific Whey Cafe (Santa Ana, CA) 12/16/08
Patty's Cakes (Fullerton, CA) 12/27/11
Polkadots Cupcakery (Orange County, CA) 10/18/10
Poul's Bakery (Orange, CA) 6/29/08
The Queen's Bakery (Costa Mesa, CA) 3/14/12
Sprinkles ATM (Beverly Hills, CA) 8/27/12
Sprinkles Cupcakes (Newport Beach, CA) 9/7/08
Sprinkles Ice Cream (Beverly Hills, CA) 8/30/12
Starbucks (Orange, CA) 1/26/09, Starbucks Petites 3/18/11
The Sugar Me Bakery (Orange, CA) 2/10/12
SusieCakes (Newport Beach, CA) 6/1/08
Sweet and Saucy Shop (Long Beach, CA) 9/3/09
Sweet and Saucy Shop (Newport Coast, CA) 7/9/12
Sweet Arleen's (Westlake Village, CA) 10/4/10
Sweet E's Bake Shop (Los Angeles, CA) 3/9/11
Sweet Jill's (Seal Beach, CA) 2/17/11
Sweet Lorraine's (Irvine, CA) 6/17/08, second review 10/11/08 CLOSED
SweetSpot Baker's Workshop (Irvine, CA) 12/10/08 CLOSED
Swirls Cupcakes (Southern California) 7/23/09
That Takes the Cake (San Francisco, CA) 10/22/09
The Cake Cottage (Murrieta, CA) 4/28/10
The Perfect Circle (Orange, CA) 12/24/08
Valentino Chocolatier Cafe (Tustin, CA) 3/6/09
Vanilla Bake Shop (Santa Monica, CA) 9/16/08
Vignette Patisserie (Encinitas, CA) 4/21/11
Whole Foods (Tustin, CA) 8/17/08
Wonderland Bakery (Newport Beach, CA) 6/30/08
Yummy Cupcakes (Santa Monica, CA) 9/16/08

21 Cakes (Scottsdale, AZ) 1/3/13
Babycakes (New York City, NY) 12/3/10
Babycakes (Orlando, FL) 12/18/13
Baked By Melissa (New York City, NY) 6/28/11
Banyan Tree Deli and Bakery (Maui, HI) 9/27/10
Billy's Bakery (New York City, NY) 6/24/11
Bouchon Bakery (Las Vegas, NV) 4/15/11
Burger Bar (Las Vegas, NV) 9/6/10
Butter & Me Bakeshop (Scottsdale, AZ) 12/17/12
Cake and Shake (New York City, NY) 6/20/11
Coccadotts (Myrtle Beach, SC) 5/29/14
Cupcake Cafe (New York City, NY) 8/31/09
Cupcake Chic (Orem, UT) 1/15/10
Cupcakes of Scottsdale (Scottsdale, AZ) 12/6/10
Cupcakes Actually (Leesburg, VA) 11/18/13
Diva's Cupcakes (Salt Lake City, UT) 1/7/09
Doughnut Plant (New York City, NY) 7/18/11
Francois Payard Bakery NYC (New York City, NY) 2/25/13
Georgetown Cupcake (Washington, D.C.) 10/20/10 
Icing on the Cake (Kapa'a, HI) 7/15/10
Jillycakes (Orlando, FL) 3/12/14
Josephine's Bakery (Rome, Italy) 6/10/09
Kauai Ono Kuki (Kapa'a, HI) 7/22/10
Leoda's Kitchen & Pie Shop (Lahaina, Maui, HI) 9/24/12
Lily Jane's Cupcakes (Eagle, ID) 7/8/10
Little Cupcake Bakeshop (New York City, NY) 2/22/13
Lovely Confections (Denver, CO) 9/6/11
Lulu's Bake Shop (Boston, MA) 7/10/08
Magnolia Bakery (New York City, NY) 7/4/11
Making That Cake (Sunnyside, NY) 4/19/13
Molly's Cupcakes (Chicago, IL) 11/18/10
Momofuku Milk Bar (New York City, NY) 8/3/11
Retro Bakery (Las Vegas, NV) 5/30/12
Scratch Cupcakes (Cedar Falls, IA) 9/14/12
Simply Delicious Cake & Bakery (Cocoa Beach, FL) 12/4/13
Stillwell's Bakery (Wailuku, Maui, HI) 9/12/12
Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery (New York City, NY) 11/29/10
Sweet! By Good Golly Miss Holly (Orlando, FL) 1/29/14
Sweet Revenge (New York City, NY) 8/23/10
Sweet Tooth Fairy (Provo, UT) 1/18/10
Swirlz Cupcakes (Chicago, IL) 9/17/09
The Chocolate (Orem, UT) 1/11/10
The Cupcake Cafe (Phoenix, AZ) 12/21/12
The Cupcakery (Henderson, NV) 7/9/08
The Original Cupcakery (Dallas, TX) 4/8/13
Twenty Five Main (St. George, UT) 5/13/08, second review 12/13/10


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