Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Review: Dots Cucpakes

A few months ago I featured Dots Cupcakes as a cupcakery I haven't been to, but really want to try. Yesterday a friend called to tell me that he had some cupcakes for me. Of course I was excited, but especially excited after finding out the cupcakes were from Dots Cupcakes.
I was lucky enough to try two cupcakes from Dots: Chocolate and Red Velvet. Both were delicious! The chocolate had a swirl of caramel on top which gave a normal chocolate cupcake a little something extra. The frosting on the red velvet was just how I like it...great! My only suggestion would be more frosting, but that's just a personal preference. Although I technically tasted Dots Cupcakes, I still plan on visiting one of their Pasadena's store this year. So many flavors that I want/need to try!

P.S. Awesome packaging! Although sometimes overlooked, packaging is a huge part of cupcake buying, which some cupcakeries skimp on. Dots is smart.


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