Friday, June 24, 2011

Review: Billy's Bakery

My New York cupcake adventures continue! Next stop was Billy's Bakery. I met up with a friend of a friend who lives in New York City. We were both excited to try the cupcakes at Billy's!

Billy's Bakery reminded me of SusieCakes, one of my all-time favorite cupcake shops in California. The shop was filled with old-fashioned cupcakes, cakes, pies, and cookies. Again, I wanted to try one of everything, but my sweet tooth was only going to last so long in New York.

I chose Red Velvet and Vanilla with Chocolate Frosting. Kristy went with a Banana one. The frostings on both of my cupcakes were so creamy, just like SusieCakes. Both the cream cheese frosting and the chocolate frosting were delicious! The problem was with the cake: they were both a little dry. I wanted to love the whole cupcake, but I just couldn't. Kristy's cupcake, on the other hand, was "moist and satisfying." So maybe I just got unlucky with a few dry ones. The proportion of frosting to cake was great: not too much, not too little.

Although my cupcakes weren't perfect, I would still come back to Billy's Bakery to try out their other goodies. And of course I would get another cupcake to see if my original tastings were correct. Cupcakes are $3.00 each.


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