Monday, February 25, 2013

Do You Like Macarons?

As much as I love cupcakes, I love other sweets too. And my most recent obsession is macarons. They are everywhere! There are even macaron-only shops nearby. Crazy!

My friend who visited a few weeks ago, not only brought me lots of cupcakes, but she brought these macarons from Francois Payard Bakery NYC. And let me tell you, they were delicious!

The outside "cookie" was light and crisp, as it should be, and there was plenty of filling in the center. The flavors were outstanding! Definitely some of the best macarons I have ever tasted!

The website says these macarons sell for $2.25 each. Ouch! That's a bit pricey for something that's gone in less than two bites. But then again, it is NYC.

What do you think of macarons? I know they aren't taking the place of cupcakes, but do you like them too?


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