Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bake You Happy makes me happy!

I love trying new cupcakes, especially if they are good cupcakes! Last week I came across a cupcake from Bake You Happy, a made-to-order cake and cupcake company. Bake You Happy was started by two women named Kim who wanted to do something they love, but would also allow them to stay at home and be involved with the community. Their company is based out of Castaic (which is in northern LA county near Six Flags).

Last week a good friend passed along a cupcake from Bake You Happy (I say she is a good friend because she passed along a cupcake to me!). The cupcake I received was a chocolate cake cupcake topped with vanilla bean frosting and mini chocolate chips along the edges. The cake was perfectly moist, very delicious. The frosting was a sweet buttercream frosting. I really like the mini chocolate chips lined around the edges of the frosting. Sometimes adding a little crunch to a cupcake is a great idea!

Check out their website and blog to see photos of the creative cakes and cupcakes they have made. I wish I lived closer to them so I could try more of their cupcakes!


norcallannan said...

Bake You Happy is a great little company with a lot of potential. The women the own it are not only creative, but also great people!

Hyacinth Marius said...

Hi Bake Me Happy- I was just there and picked up 3-doz cupcakes for my brothers b-day...took them into his business and all are raving, all flavors were a HIT!!! Thank you so much for the Extra Special Happy for his special day!! :)

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