Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Review: Hapa Cupcakes

I first heard about Hapa Cupcakes in 2012 when they were looking to expand their custom-order bakery to a storefront. What's so special about another cupcake bakery opening in Orange County?

Have you heard of alcohol infused cupcakes? That's what Hapa Cupcakes specializes in.

I visited their new shop in Fullerton, CA last month and got a chance to try some of these alcohol infused desserts. Hapa Cupcakes opened their storefront in January 2014. Their location is perfect for their product, as they as in an area where lots of college students visit bars.

I grabbed three cupcakes, two alcohol infused and one regular cupcake (for my little one). 

Vanilla Raspberry: vanilla cake, cream cheese frosting, raspberry filling. Even though their alcohol infused cupcakes are only made with 1/24th teaspoon of alcohol, I figured I better get one without for my two-year old. My son loved the cupcake, but I thought the frosting was a bit too sweet.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry & Champagne: strawberry cupcake with chocolate frosting. This cupcake tasted just like a chocolate-covered strawberry! The thick chocolate frosting was just like the coating on a chocolate-covered strawberry. Delicious!

Cinnamon Sugar Kahlua: Madagascar vanilla and Kahlua cupcake with bits of cinnamon streusel, cream cheese frosting, topped with caramel. By itself, the cake was nothing special, but all together....this cupcake was a great meld of flavors! I would definitely get it again.

The alcohol infused cupcakes run a bit higher than the non-alcohol ones, but both are still a good price. All three cupcakes cost me $9.50. I would love to stop by again to try some of their other flavors. It's nice to see a cupcake shop branching out to something new.

Hapa Cupcakes
105 W. Amerige Ave.
Fullerton, CA 92832
Facebook: Hapa Cupcakes
Twitter: @hapacupcakes


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