Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mammoth Cupcakes

Just got back from an AWESOME three-day weekend in Mammoth! As you may remember, I reviewed the seemingly only cupcake to be found in Mammoth Lakes last November. So I was very surprised to see my husband bring me a tray of cupcakes along with lunch at Main Lodge two days ago. "Two cupcakes for $3.00!" he exclaimed. That's probably the cheapest thing you can find in the cafeteria. (The food prices there are worse than Disneyland!)

The cupcake flavor was red velvet. The result was not great. The cake was very dry, but also sticky. The frosting was a light, sugary cream cheese. I even found a chunk of cream cheese in the frosting (actually it was the best part of the frosting, but not something that should happen). Needless to say, after a hard day of snowboarding through heavy winds and low visibility, I inhaled the cupcakes.

And despite the cupcakes being not that great, I was still excited to see them being sold in a ski resort lodge. Mammoth Mountain, you rock!

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