Monday, April 28, 2008


Welcome to my dedication-to-cupcakes blog! I have always been a cupcake enthusiast. I grew up with a mom who has a huge sweet tooth and that trait passed on to me. It is a blessing and curse. I love cupcakes because they are almost a guilt-free dessert. They are so small (most of the time), so how can they be bad?

The other day my husband and I walked to breakfast in the Orange Circle in Orange, CA. On the way back, I spotted a store that will be opening soon...The Cupcakery! I began jumping up and down! A cupcake shop just around the corner from my house. This could be a bad thing, but it inspired me to start this cupcake blog. The purpose is to record my adventures in cupcakes. I will review different stores I go to, critique new types of cupcakes that I try, and record my attempts to make different cupcakes. Enjoy!


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