Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lucky Day at Dodger Stadium

Friday night my husband got free tickets to a Dodger game. I grew up with a love of sports, all credit due to my dad. We attended many games when I was a little girl. After the strike of 1994, we didn't do that anymore. Not sure if it was because my dad was mad at baseball or because he just got busier. I think I only went to one game after that, and it was only a year ago. Anyways, I was thrilled to not only go to a Dodgers game, but to watch the game from great seats (we were on field level).

Probably my most favorite part of attending sporting events is the food. I love to be able to splurge on nachos, Dodger dogs, garlic fries, and ice cream. So I researched the Dodgers website to see what kind of food they were offering. Much to my surprise and delight, I found that there is a Mrs. Beasley's concession stand, and it is on field level! Mrs. Beasley's is a bakery which has a location in Costa Mesa. I have actually never been there before, but I knew from research that they make cupcakes. I did a google image search and found pictures of Dodger cupcakes. Yippee!
I could hardly wait to finish my other fabulous food so that I could try my cupcakes! The cupcakes are sold by the pair (and what an expensive pair they were....$9.75 for a pack of two!). I could choose from two cupcakes with vanilla frosting and the Dodgers logo, or two cupcakes with vanilla and chocolate frosting, topped with rainbow sprinkles. I went with the advice of the cashiers and choose the ones with sprinkles.
My sister-in-law Kristine came along with me to get the cupcakes. We, sweet tooth buddies, stick together! I gave her the vanilla and I took the chocolate first. To be honest, I didn't expect too much out of these cupcakes. They are being sold at a sporting event and it was about 100 degrees in the stadium. I am pretty sure they don't have a bakery in the back so they are probably trucked in from one of their other stores. The cupcakes weren't bad, but they weren't amazing either. The chocolate was way better than the vanilla.
As you can see, the frosting was piled high. I could barely get my mouth wide enough to take a bite. The cake was more of a shortcake. It wasn't as moist as a cupcake should be. The frosting? Well, I had asked the cashiers if the frosting was buttercream, they replied yes. They were wrong. It was light and whipped, but very stiff. It screamed grocery store bakery frosting. Again, I have said this before, I am very picky about my frosting. I like buttercream or cream chesse (where appropriate). This was more of a heavy cool whip frosting. (I despise cool whip or whipped cream.) Overall, this cupcake was still tasty. I didn't find any major flaws and the four of us finished the cupcakes by the end of the night.

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