Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review: Vignette Patisserie

The past few weeks has been super busy for me, and I've been stressed because I have several reviews in my pocket, but haven't had the time to share them with you. But tax season is finally over and now the fun begins!

At the beginning of this month I had my big race in Oceanside, CA. Of course I always eat cupcakes after my big races and this was no exception. And the best part is that the cupcakes came to me. Sara of Vignette Patisserie was so sweet and delivered a box of cupcakes to my hotel.

Vignette Patisserie cupcakes are no ordinary cupcakes. Their organic cupcakes are made and inspired by local ingredients. I've never been a huge organic cupcake fan, but after tasting these cupcakes, my whole view changed.

Cara Cara
local cara cara orange cake + fresh cara cara curd + cream cheese frosting

When I first saw the ingredients, I thought carrot, but then I researched and found out that cara cara is a type of orange. The cake was dense and delightful. I'm a huge fan of curd and this one didn't disappoint. The cream cheese frosting was perfect. I seriously couldn't believe this was organic.

French Press
freshly pressed coffee buttermilk cake + freshly pressed coffee whipped cream

I'm not a coffee drinker, but I love the smell of it. My husband summed this cupcake up best: tastes like a frappuccino. Even though the frosting was whipped (not usually my favorite), it complemented this cupcake well. This cupcake is probably best served cold, as it was for me.

Happy Little Strawberry
local sliced strawberry cake + cream cheese frosting

I love that this was made with local strawberries. Our hotel just happened to be next to a giant strawberry field, so I imagine the strawberries came from there. The cake was dense and luscious. The frosting (same as the cara cara) was awesome. I love cream cheese frosting made right. This was my favorite cupcake of the bunch.

After the Dark Comes the Light
dark chocolate weightless cake + whipped dark chocolate cream cheese frosting

Again, I thought I wouldn't like the whipped frosting, but it was delicious. The frosting had a heavy mousse good! Sometimes whipped frosting is the best way to go with a heavy chocolate cupcake. The chocolate cake was heavenly. This was a close second for my favorite.

Vignette Patisserie is a predominantly organic, french-inspired cupcake bakery based in Encinitas, CA. The cupcakes are available for custom order, but can also be found on the popular food truck MIHO Gastrotruck. I can tell you this for certain, Sara knows what she's doing. I know the difference between an average cupcake and a great one. And Vignette Patisserie's cupcakes are the work of an experienced and talented baker.

Vignette Patisserie
Encintas, CA

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