Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Road Trip to Twenty Five Main

My husband and I took a little road trip up to southern Utah for a triathlon. I researched which cupcake stores we would be passing by so that I could begin critiquing on my new blog. I found two that I was interested in. Unfortunately, due to timing, we were only able to visit one.

My reward for completing a triathlon is cupcakes. So 20 minutes after leaving the race venue we arrived at Twenty Five Main in St. George, Utah. The cakes and cupcakes displayed in the window looked so tasty. I was super excited to see what I would find inside.
Twenty Five Main is also a cafe. When we first walk in, you can go left to order normal food or right to the cupcake counter.
When I approached the counter, I was surprised by how few cupcakes were actually displayed. The case was almost empty. I was told that people come in and buy dozens of cupcakes so it is hard to keep up with the demand (hmmm...). The three flavors to choose from were Original Chocolate, Vanilla Chocolate, and Vanilla Strawberry. I took one of each (only $5.63 for all three!). Their website lists that nine flavors are available on Saturday. I was looking forward to the peanutbutter cup.
My first taste was the Original Chocolate. The frosting was very yummy. Not too dense or heavy and just the right amount of frosting. When I began peeling the wrapper off, it was stuck to the top edge of the cupcake. The edge was very hard. Cupcakes should not crunch when you eat them but it did. My second choice was the Vanilla Strawberry. Again, the frosting was the best part and was made with fresh strawberries. It was very tasty. The top edge was not as much as a problem on this one. But the third one, the Vanilla Chocolate, had the same problem as the first. The top edge was hard and crunchy.
The frosting quantity and quality was the best part of these cupcakes. But otherwise nothing out of the ordinary. The interior design of the store was probably the best part about it. It had a mid-century modern flare to it complemented by very trendy blues, browns, and prints similar to designs profiled on websites such as Design Sponge. If only the cupcakes tasted as nice as the store appeared.


Jill said...

I love that last shot of you with your big box of cupcakes - all for you - and you look rail thin. I hope you enjoyed eating them; you know you've earned it.

Danelle said...

I live in near this shop and sadly it is the only one in our town. It is very low on my cupcake lists too! I have not been to any in Cali put Vegas has some good ones and Portland Cupcake Jones is AMAZING! I love you blog by the way! CUPCAKE FANS UNITE!!! :)

Unknown said...

When you went to 25 Main it had only been open for 2 months. They were still trying out cupcakes and what worked. Now that they have been open for almost 2 years, they have more of a selection and deserves a revisit!

Cupcake Activist said...

Matthew- I agree. It is definitely time to see if they've shaped up. Next time I'm in St. George I will definitely be giving them a second try.

Anonymous said...

I live about a bock from there. I love going there for lunch or as part of a date. It's amazing!

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