Friday, December 21, 2012

Review: The Cupcake Cafe

I was already on Cloud Nine from finishing my Ironman. What could be better? How about coming back to my hotel room to find a special package of cupcakes waiting for me?! Thank you, Cupcake Cafe!

Earlier this year Nicki from The Cupcake Cafe offered her cupcakes for my tasting if I was ever in the area. Well, an Ironman race put me in Tempe and I quickly asked if I could take her up on her offer. She graciously said yes and I was just about as excited about that as my race.

I opened the box and found it full of goodies! Cupcakes, cake pops, and a pumpkin cake jar.

First up, the cupcakes: Red Velvet, Classic Chocolate, and Wedding Cake. I took a small bite when I got home from the race, but I couldn't eat too much. After racing for 13 hours, my stomach was a bit on the touchy side. But I certainly enjoyed these as breakfast in bed the next morning. I shouldn't judge a cupcake by its cover, but these cupcakes took me by surprise. They looked simple, but they tasted delicious. My husband liked the wedding cake cupcake best and said it tasted spot on to a wedding cake. All of the cakes were moist and fluffy. The frostings were creamy and delicious. 

My husband and I snacked on the cake pops during our drive home the next day. Wow, they were so delicious! One was vanilla and the other was red velvet. The coating was perfect, not too thick or thin. The inside was so moist and so flavorful. I was only sad that #1-I had to share and #2-we didn't have more. Excellent!

I saved the pumpkin cupcake jar for a few days later. I knew it would keep since it was sealed in a jar. All of the layers of cupcakes made it so appealing and I couldn't wait to try it. All the anticipation was worth it! So delicious! I didn't expect to finish the whole jar in one sitting. It just kinda happened. The cake was moist and the cream cheese frosting was exactly what I love. Perfect!

Right now The Cupcake Cafe is currently a web-based cupcake company in the Phoenix area. Their treats are available at several farmer's markets in the area, as well as delivery. Standard size cupcakes are $36/dozen, cake pops $21/dozen, and cupcake jars $5/each. 

The Cupcake Cafe
Phoenix, AZ

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