Sunday, June 29, 2008

Poul's Bakery

Impossible? Sounds like it! I recently read about a bakery in Orange that sells cupcakes for $0.75. I figured this price had to be old or the cupcakes were really, really small. So last Thursday I decided to search out this bakery and find out the truth! I found Poul's Bakery, a small Danish-American bakery, tucked in a small shopping center off Tustin and Collins in Orange.I walked inside to be greeted by all kinds of tasty treats. I have a weakness for carbs, which is why I love cupcakes, cakes, and cookies so much! The lady behind the counter was definitely Danish. She showed me their selection of cupcakes. There were chocolate, vanilla, ones with sprinkles, and Red Velvet. I went with my gut and chose the Red Velvet (it wasn't actually my gut that chose this one, it was the cute rose on top that did it for me). The Red Velvet was priced at $1.00, as opposed to the rest which were priced at $0.75. Still $1.00 is a bargain!
When I picked the Red Velvet, the lady helping me said that it is their newest flavor. She said that everyone is starting to make Red Velvet now, so they jumped on the bandwagon too. I waited until I got back to me office to give this cupcake a try. I could tell just by looking at it, that this cupcake was different than other Red Velvets I had tried before. The cake was more of a brownish-red color, as opposed to bright red. I took a bite and realized was a very chocolaty Red Velvet cake. This made me wonder...what exactly is Red Velvet? I went to the very dependable wikipedia for my answer.

Red velvet cake is a type of rich and sweet cake, with a distinctive dark red to bright red or red-brown color. Common ingredients include buttermilk, butter, flour, cocoa powder, and often either beets, or red food coloring. It is most popular in the Southern United States, though known in other regions. The most typical frosting for a red velvet cake is a butter roux icing also known as a cooked flour frosting. Cream cheese buttercream frostings are also popular.Traditionalists believe that red velvet cakes must contain cocoa, although recipes are available that do not contain any chocolate flavoring."

Next is the frosting. It was cream cheese, but there was something different about it. It wasn't as sweet and not as creamy as I would have liked. It was still good though. The cupcake was good, but it is definitely far from Sprinkles. Even though it wasn't as good, it had a great value. Sprinkles sells their cupcakes for $3.25 each and they are amazing! Poul's cupcakes sells for $0.75-$1.00 and they are decent. Since the economy is not doing so great, a lot of fast food restaurants are putting out value menus. People want to pay less for food. Poul's might be onto something here. Sure, their cupcakes aren't the best, but if you want good value for your money, you should go to Poul's Bakery.


Fast Food Maven said...

Hey cupcake activist..thanks for the link to the Fast Food Maven's original post on Poul's. You are fab for finding out about the Red Velvets..I'll be sure to let my readers know..
aka the Fast Food Maven

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