Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review: The Queen's Bakery

Surprisingly, I first heard about The Queen's Bakery on Cupcake Wars. I was shocked to hear that one of the contestants was from Costa Mesa, CA. I hadn't heard of The Queen's Bakery yet, as they were only a few months old, but knew I had to visit soon. I didn't wait long and ended up stopping by the next day.

The Queen's Bakery is located in Costa Mesa in a commercial building off Baker St. It was a rainy day when I stopped by and was greeted by a quaint, inviting bakery. There is lots of seating inside and the display cases are filled to the brim with cookies, macaroons, cakes, and of course cupcakes.

I grabbed my goodies to-go and headed home to sample them. I ended up with four cupcakes, three macaroons, and a cookie. The chose a variety of cupcakes with different frostings so I could get an overall impression of the bakery.

Strawberry Vanilla: The first thing I noticed was the taste of fresh strawberries in the thick & creamy frosting. The cake was very dense and a little dry around the edges.

Red Velvet: Always the biggest test for a bakery. I was a little disappointed by it as the frosting was flat and not tangy.

Chocolate: I loved the thick chocolate frosting on this cupcake, I just wish the cake was more chocolaty.

Banana: The taste of the cake resembled a banana muffin, no complaints here. The cupcake was topped with vanilla buttercream, which I enjoyed, but I think a cream cheese frosting would pair better.

The macaroons are where The Queen's Bakery shine! I sampled a chocolate lavender and a raspberry one. They were crispy on the outside and creamy in the middle. The center of the raspberry macaroon reminded me of raspberry jam. It was perfect!

I have a hard time passing up chocolate chip cookies as they are my favorite kind. I'm glad I picked up one because it was delicious! Lots of chocolate chips and great consistency of cookie. Yum!

The Queen's Bakery carries a large variety of tasty treats. Everything I sampled was delicious and I would eat again. As for the cupcakes, they were ok but nothing special. The flavors were basic and didn't stand out from other bakeries I've tried. I will definitely be returning for the macaroons as they were perfect. The cupcakes were $2.75 each, macaroons $0.95 each, and cookie $0.95.

The Queen's Bakery
2950 Grace Lane, Suite A
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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