As a blogger, it's exciting to see my blog and work featured on other websites.

Orange County Register 7/22/08: $1.25 red velvet cupcakes in O.C. -- go get 'em

Cupcakes Take the Cake 7/30/08: Fried Cupcakes at the OC Fair

Cupcakes Take the Cake 12/10/08: Guest Blogger: Elise, The Cupcake Activist

Two Parts Sugar 1/5/09: Official Review: The Cupcake Activist

Utah Loves Cupcakes 1/9/09: The Cupcake Activist Reviews Diva's Cupcakes & Coffee

Orange County Register: 1/20/09: Delicious do-it-yourself cupcakes at SweetSpot in Irvine

BYU Universe 3/11/09: Cupcake Craze Comes to Utah

Just Spotted 6/22/09: Orange County Cupcakes

Orange County Register 11/11/09: Local eateries Tweet like crazy, but does it work?

A Swirl of Meringue 12/4/09: Cupcake Activist's Birthday!

Angry Julie Monday 12/29/09: Love Cupcakes?

Orange County Register 1/4/10: 'Cupcake Activist' reviews Laguna Niguel bakery

Cupcakes Take The Cake 2/24/10: Me and Cupcake Activist 

Cupcake Camp OC 8/1/10: Judges

Examiner.com 8/23/10: Cupcakes, cupcakes, and more cupcakes in Orange County and everywhere

Cupcake Camp IE 9/3/10: Just added a Judge to our line-up!

Sugar Rush 10/27/10: The Cupcake Activist will be a Special Guest Judge! 

OC Register 2/9/11: She burns calories so she can eat them 

OC Register 9/19/11: Cupcake Activist is pregnant! And still running

Lucylupop's Kitchen 9/30/11: Follow Friday: The Cupcake Activist

C for Cupcake Cupcakery 3/27/12: I Burn Calories So I Can Eat Them.


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