Thursday, July 22, 2010

Review: Kauai Ono Kuki

So have I mentioned how wonderful my vacation to Kauai was yet?! Besides the beautiful beaches part, I managed to find some cupcakes too!

But I'm not just a cupcakes gal, my sweet tooth likes all kinds of treats. Just a few doors down from Icing on the Cake I found Kauai Ono Kuki. I poked my head inside to see if they had any cupcakes, but instead I found a case full of cookies and pastries.

I inquired about what was in the middle of one of the cookies, expecting the owner to say some kind of caramel or fruit, but instead found out that it was a whole Reess's Peanut Butter Cup. Yes please.

We grabbed enough cookies for everyone in my family, which was a lot because there were 11 of us! Half of the cookies I bought were the Reese's ones and the other half were chocolate chip macadamia nut, although everyone wanted the Reese's one. I don't blame them, who wouldn't want it?!

The cookie was everything I would want a cookie to be except for that it wasn't just out of the oven. I should have had a glass of milk nearby, but otherwise this cookie was amazing!

After I visited Kauai Ono Kuki, I began to notice that their cookies were being sold in other stores around the island. These are a must when you visit Kauai!

Kauai Ono Kuki
4-356 Kuhio Hwy.
Kapaa, Kauai, HI 96746
Sunday 5p-8p
Tuesday 6a-2p
Wednesday-Saturday 6a-2p, 5p-8p


Jenniffer said...

These look SO delicious!!

Elizabeth Schatz said...

Elizabeth said-Just bought 2 this morning and they are GREAT!!! Thanks for the tip:) YUM!


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