Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Review: Stillwell's Bakery

Last month I went on a family trip to Maui. Yes, my family is awesome! This time we went to Maui. I haven't been to Maui since I started this blog, and I haven't personally eaten any cupcakes in Maui. My sister, on the other hand, did a guest post for me two years ago when she found cupcakes at Banyan Tree Deli in Maui. I was excited to try these cupcakes for myself, only to find out that the bakery had closed. Sad.

When I began researching bakeries in Maui, I saw lots of recommendations for Stillwell's Bakery near the airport. It also happened to be on the way to our condo. Yes! I made sure it was our first stop in Maui!

I stopped by Stillwell's Bakery near the end of the day. I was kinda surprised there wasn't much to choose from. I took home a chocolate chip cookie and a chocolate eclair. 

After finding some amazing cookies in Kauai two years ago, I was hoping these would be similar, but the cookie was just OK. Not bad, just not outstanding. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The chocolate eclair was pretty special though. The pudding inside was delicious, the chocolate frosting on top was delightful, and the pastry was well-baked. I really enjoyed it. So did the rest of my family (I had to share).

The remainder of our trip was pretty fabulous. Not long after we stopped by Stillwell's, we saw this beautiful rainbow. It was the first of many that appeared that week.

My little guy LOVED hanging out at the beach and pool every day. Who wouldn't? We were in paradise.

Stillwell's Bakery
1740 Ka'humanu Ave.
Wailuku, Maui, HI

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