Monday, November 29, 2010

Review: Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery

This year I've done quite a few reviews of cupcakeries that I've never been to. All thanks to my wonderful husband. I guess it's a good consolation prize for him traveling so much this year.

I was super excited when I found out he was going to New York. New York is cupcake heaven! But I didn't know where to send him. So before he left on his trip I asked my readers for suggestions. Thank you so much for those! He was able to get cupcakes from two places, both suggestions from your comments. The first stop: Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine was around long before the cupcake craze started. They opened their doors in New York City in 2003. My husband brought me three cupcakes from their shop. I knew by looking at them that I was going to LOVE them. YESSSS!!!

Sunshine Cupcake: yellow cake with vanilla buttercream
Normally I would have thought that this cupcake was too boring, but not today. The surprising part was the cake flavor. I want to say it had cranberries in it. The website doesn't list this, so I'm not sure if this is how this cupcake normally is or if this was a special flavor. The frosting was my favorite part: sweet, thick buttercream frosting. My absolute favorite kind!

Strawberry?: vanilla cake with strawberry buttercream
They don't list a starwberry flavor on their menu, but this cupcake definitely had strawberry frosting. The cake was vanilla, with a hint of strawberry in it too. The buttercream frosting was delicious.

Pumpkin: pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing
This was my favorite cupcake of the day! The pumpkin cake was a very moist spice cake with a taste similar to carrot cake. I wouldn't call the frosting icing, but I would call it a perfect cream cheese frosting. Yum!

Summary: I absolutely loved these cupcakes! They were similar to cupcakes you would find at SusieCakes, one of my favorite all-time cupcake shops. These cupcakes were very simple, but delicious. They had a good frosting to cake ratio. The cake was moist and the frosting was perfect. After I've proclaimed my love for them, would you believe that these cupcakes are only $1.50 each?! A bargain! I will definitely be visiting Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery when I make it to New York City.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery
126 Rivington St.
New York City, NY 10002


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