Friday, April 29, 2011

Review: CB's Cupcakes

My big race was a few weeks ago and this year my husband and I decided to stay at a hotel in Carlsbad. I promise I didn't research ahead of time, but I was surprised to find a cupcake shop across the street from our hotel! What could be more perfect?

Although this was my first visit to CB's Cupcakes, this wasn't my first time eating one of their cupcakes. You might recognize CB's Cupcakes from the OC Fair. I did.

The ordering process at CB's Cupcakes is the same as it is at the OC Fair: (1) choose your favorite cake, (2) choose a frosting, (3) choose your favorite toppings.

The shop was decorated for Easter, as this was a few weeks ago. How adorable are these cupcakes in pots?

I've seen frosting shots before, but never like this. A whole cup of frosting with your favorite topping. Only $1.50 for this sugar high. I kinda wish I had tried it.

This cupcake stand was fun and unique, but I didn't like how the cupcakes looked. They need better wrappers.

I love that more and more cupcake shops are offering doggie cupcakes. This made me miss my puppy, since she didn't come with us on our weekend getaway.

My husband and I each got a custom cupcake. I picked a Key Lime cake, with Lime Zest frosting, and Graham Cracker topping. I love this flavor combo and it didn't disappoint.

My husband picked a Chocolate cake, with Peanut Butter frosting, and Oreo topping. This cupcake was average, not great, but not bad either. The cake had medium moistness.

CB's Cupcakes also sells Cupcake Bites. We picked a Red Velvet one and it was pretty good. The problem with Cupcake Bites is that there isn't too much variation between each store. This tasted just like every other red velvet cupcake bite I've eaten before. BUT, that being said, it was delicious and it satisfied my craving.

I like the concept of picking my own cupcake and frosting. Sometimes it's nice to have the customer be in control of their own satisfaction. CB's Cupcakes are ok and I would definitely eat one again and again. Their mini cupcakes sell for $1.50 and their regulars for $3.50.

CB's Cupcakes has two locations: San Diego and Carlsbad. You can also find them at the OC Fair, as well as other fairs around Southern California (see schedule here). CB's Cupcakes will definitely satisfy your cupcake craving.

CB's Cupcakes
5620 Paseo del Norte , #662
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Twitter: @cbs_cupcakes
Facebook: CB's Cupcakes

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