Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fried Cupcakes at the OC Fair

NOTE: This post was also posted on one of my favorite cupcake blogs, Cupcakes Take the Cake!

Last night we made our annual trip to the OC Fair. Pretty much the only reason we go is to pig-out on greasy, fried food. Since I only do it once a year, it doesn't feel quite so glutenous.

The OC Fair has an expanding range of fried food. Every year there is something new to try. Two years ago it was the fried chicken sandwich with two Krispy Kreme doughnuts instead of a bun, topped with cheese and honey. Talk about heart attack!
So what could be better than an array of fried food at the fair? Why, a cupcake, of course! I was so excited when I saw this booth selling cupcakes. My mind was set, I was going to eat a cupcake!
So what could top wonderful fried food and a cupcake at the fair? A fried cupcake! I needed to try one!
I found the fried cupcakes at the Spud Shack. The Spud Shack also sells other fried foods, such as curly fries, tator tots, and Chocolate on-a-stick (I was slightly disappointed to find out that the "chocolate" on-a-stick was just a Tootsie Roll).
I wondered, what is a fried cupcake? Is it frosted and fried, as is? I was very intrigued! After about five minutes of waiting patiently (fried cupcakes are apparently very popular), I had mine.
I ordered the chocolate fried cupcake. From what my taste buds could gather, the cake part of the cupcake was baked and then deep-fried. After pulled out, they put a chocolate sauce on top and finished with sprinkles.
I was actually very apprehensive about trying this cupcake. I wasn't expecting to like it because it was fried. I haven't eaten many sweet foods that have been given the fried treatment, so I didn't expect it to taste very good. My first bite told a different story. It wasn't too bad. From then on, every bite was better and better. I really enjoyed it and ate the whole thing by myself.

The only thing I was bummed out on was the frosting. The thin layer of chocolate sauce wasn't enough. I wanted some real frosting, piled high on top. In hindsight, I realize that frosting would have melted because the cupcake was served hot.

Verdict: Try something new! My fried cupcake was a sweet surprise and something I will look forward to eating again next year!


HeatherW said...

Do you mean the Orange County in the heck did I miss fried cupcakes!!

roxanne balagot said...

i had the same cupcake! for some reason.. when they said "deep fried" i was thinking a cupcake dipped in batter.. then fried! *light bulb*!
i wish it was bigger.. but maybe with all that fat content its a good thing it was small!
i loved it tho! cant wait to LA fair in sepetember for another!

Vanessa said...

WOW you have so much more than here in OHIO lol.. I live in a little tiny town we have the PORK festival lol noting but PORK lol I think we should have a CUPCAKE festival he hee hee...I am on a dang DIET grrrr oh well lol I can look at them and smell them ...


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