Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Cupcake from Cupcake Wars

This week's episode of Cupcake Wars had some pretty crazy cupcake creations. For Round One, the four bakers had to make a cupcake using items you would find in a convenience store. The items included beef jerky, cheese puffs, yogurt-covered pretzels, nacho cheese, hot dogs, red licorice, and slushie mix.

Two Girls and a Cupcake made a Cuban coffee and cinnamon cupcake with strawberry licorice filling topped with coffee buttercream and yogurt-covered pretzels. All of the ingredients would be good in a cupcake by themselves, but all together they seemed like a mess.

Glenn the Baker made a jalapeno-beef jerky chocolate cupcake with cream cheese and cheese puff sprinkles. I agree with Florian, the cheese puff sprinkles don't have a strong enough presence to count as an ingredient.

The two men from Sweet Daddy Cupcakes attempted to make a cupcake using beef jerky, nacho cheese, and slushie mix. As gross as it sounds, I was interested to see what the judges thought of it. Sadly, the men took too long preparing the batter and didn't finish in time.

Last, but not least, Bake You Happy created a cherry cola chocolate cupcake with a red licorice filling, topped with marshmallow creme and yogurt-covered pretzels. The judges loved this cupcake, although Candace suggested using regular pretzels instead of yogurt-covered ones.

My friend Carrie was able to attend Bake You Happy's viewing party. She brought me home a cupcake from the party, which is the same cupcake that Bake You Happy made in round one. She made one change: regular pretzels. And my honest opinion is: that cupcake was amazing! My husband and I were fighting over it! The pretzels added the perfect crunchiness and saltiness to the cupcake. I would definitely eat this cupcake again!

Maybe I was biased because I already knew I liked Bake You Happy, but they seemed to be the forerunner the entire episode. Bake You Happy was right to create futuristic cupcakes and display for the LA Auto Show. Glenn The Baker had a great car theme, but it just wasn't right for the LA Auto Show. In the end, I wasn't too surprised when Bake You Happy won. I can't wait until next week's episode.

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