Monday, December 15, 2008

On the 10th Day before Christmas, I went to FRENCH'S CUPCAKE BAKERY

For the past 15 years in a row, French's Cupcake Bakery has been voted Best Bakery in the Best of Orange County survey. And yet this was my first visit to French's. I was very happy with the quantity of flavors available. They had flavors ranging from Key Lime to Toll House.

I asked for the most popular flavor, which turned out to be Lemon Blueberry. I am not a huge fruit-cupcake fan, but this cupcake was quite tasty. The cake was very similar to a blueberry muffin and the frosting was a lemon buttercream.

Despite what the name implies, French's Cupcake Bakery doesn't sell just cupcakes. They also have a wide selection of cookies, pastries, and cakes. French's is definitely worth checking out for any kind of baked good.

French's Cupcake Bakery is located off 17th Street in Costa Mesa. They close at 6:00pm during the week and 5:00pm on Saturday. They are also closed on Sundays. My cupcake was only $2.00 and their other baked goods seemed reasonably priced.


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