Sunday, August 17, 2008

Whole Foods Cupcakes!

Friday night we ate dinner at Whole Foods. They have such amazing food, not to mention a great bakery! I was so excited to see cupcakes there that I could barely eat dinner.

I chose the chocolate cupcake out of a possible two flavors (vanilla and chocolate). This one was shaped like a cow (I think), so it was almost too cute to eat.
Result: So good!!! The cake gets a thumbs-up for moistness. The frosting was a vanilla and chocolate buttercream frosting. I wanted to get a cupcake with more frosting on it, but this one actually had the right amount. Their cupcakes were larger than the average cupcake, maybe even a little bigger than Sprinkles. That was the only downside to this cupcake...I couldn't take a full-size bite!
I was planning on only getting one cupcake until I spotted these Red Velvet Towers. I didn't realize they were cupcakes until I looked closer. The Red Velvet Tower is made of two layers of red velvet cake and two layers of cream cheese frosting. They are smaller than an average cupcake. Result? Great! This is the perfect size for a "cupcake," not to mentioned it tasted great! I know it is not a traditional cupcake, but it has all of the same characteristics. The price is the same as the cupcake ($3.25), which made it a little more expensive than I would have liked, but other than that, it is the perfect snack-size dessert!

Whole Foods is the great place to go for a late cupcake craving, since it is open until 10:00pm. Although there are only two flavors of cupcakes to choose from, plus the Red Velvet Tower, you will not be disappointed!


Joni said...

Where is the closest Whole Foods?

Katerina Winters said...

OMG i had a cupcake from whole foods and it was so disgusting. And I LOVE cupcakes. I have no idea what was going on with that cupcake.

M said...

I live in Schaumburg, IL, and we just got a Whole Foods this summer. I went there today and treated my self to a cupcake because it's my birthday.

My MIL buys us a cake at a local bakery, Deerfield's that is *fabulous*, but my husband had to go out of town on business this week and isn't coming home until tomorrow.

Since I'm getting a cake with buttercream frosting, I wanted to get something different.

This whole foods had really fancy cupcakes. I got one based on a Twix bar. Chocolate cupcake, shortbread cookie on top and then frosted with a cooked buttercream that has a slight caramel, nutty flavor, then drizzled in caramel with a teensy white and dark chocolate striped curl and white chocolate oval with the cupcake's name printed on it in cocoa.

They also had chocolate covered strawberry and an Elvis cupcake--chocolate cake with a peanut butter banana buttercream and banana chip on top. That one looked fabulous, but I'm allergic to bananas. I'm going to tell my husband about that one because I think he'd like it--and I never bake anything with bananas because I'm so allergic, my husband doesn't want to even touch one. --bananas are in the same family as latex, and my latex allergy is life threatening.

Unknown said...

Every time I've tried to get cupcakes from my local Whole Foods in Baltimore, MD they never have them! Recently they were carrying Soda Pop cupcakes throughout the spring, but each time I went, no luck. I will keep trying though! I've read two reviews saying that Whole Foods cupcakes are good. :)

Anonymous said...

I bought a six pack of vanilla cupcakes today from Whole foods, and it was horrible. I've had better at Target and Walmart. The frosting tasted bland and the cake was too dense.

Worse, it didn't even have any vanilla in the ingredients!

Unknown said...

I had a cupcake from the Whole Foods on Smith in Baltimore this weekend. It was terrible. The Chocolate cake was dry. The frosting had no flavor and had a really weird texture. They swear they are not using any hydrogenated oils but somehow the frosting has the color and texture of shortening. How do they make butter white? Something odd is going on with their buttercream. I am not sure I believe that they are just using real butter. I think they are pulling some kind of scam. I would not buy a second cupcake there. Also, why do the bakery employees always give you a feeling that they HATE the customers.

Unknown said...

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