Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Found: Cupcakes in Rome, Italy

I searched far and wide, high and low, and finally found what I was looking for...cupcakes in Italy!! It wasn't until the second to last day of my trip that I found Josephine's Bakery. It was hidden on a small street in Rome. You should have seen the smile on my face when we walked in!

Josephine's Bakery was a breath of fresh air. When I walked inside I was greeted by a display of cupcakes, brownies, cheesecakes, and cakes. I wanted to try everything!

On the day that we visited, Josephine's had three types of cupcakes--vanilla, lemon, and coconut (they were out of chocolate). I bought one vanilla, one coconut, and a mini cheesecake.

When I first started to peel the wrapper away from the cupcake I noticed that wrapper was stuck. Never a good sign. But then I realized the reason why. The frosting was hard. What was going on here? When I took my first bite I realized that even though the frosting was hard, it was good.

I inquired about this to Vanessa, the girl who was helping me. She said that the owner is from England so her version of cupcakes is a little different than America's version. The owner uses royal icing instead of frosting, which is the reason the frosting is hard. This also explains why the wrapper stuck to the cupcake: the icing was holding it in place.

Vanessa also revealed that they use twice the butter in their cupcakes, which explains why the cake of the cupcakes was so moist and delicious. Once I knew this, I took another bite and savored the goodness of the cupcake. It may have been different, but it was delicious!

Vanessa said that most people who come into their bakery don't know what cupcakes are. That's crazy!

If you find yourself in Rome and have a cupcake attack, can get your fix. Josephine's Bakery is located near Campo de Fiori. Their cupackes sell for $2.50 Euro ($3.75 USD), well worth the cost of finding a cupcake in Rome.

4 comments: said...

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Deika Elmi said...

Sounds awesome! Too bad about the frosting though, anyhow it's still something! I live in Marsala near Palermo in Sicily and the only way I can get cupcakes is if I make them, I have several Italian friends (teachers and students mostly as I teach English) who are now devoted fans! I bake them for parties at school. I am thinking about selling them at the farmer's market too we'll see. I make creamy creamcheese frosting :)Whenever I go home to the US I come back with bags of liners, and all my friends and family who visit from the States know what to bring...cupcake liners. I Love Cupcakes. An american needs to open a cupcake bakery in Rome, I'd fly up for a fix.

Katie & Liridona said...

THANK YOU! sooo veryyy much. I have lived in Roma for almost two years and have not found this treasure. It is almost close to v-day and I can finally have my boyfriend taste cupcakes!

Cupcake Activist said...

Katie- Let me know how the cupcakes are, since it's been a few years.


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