Monday, September 5, 2011

Review: Lovely Confections

A few weeks ago my husband flew to Denver to race the Leadville Trail 100. It's a 100-mile mountain bike race that climbs up to 12,400 feet elevation. It's a monster of a bike race, maybe one I'd even like to do someday (I'm crazy like that!). Of course I gave him an assignment to bring home some cupcakes. He succeeded.

Per a suggestion from Saturday Night Foodies, Lovely Confections Bakery was the place to go. It is located in downtown Denver, on the way to the airport, so my husband didn't have to go out of his way.

Of course my husband couldn't just pick up cupcakes for me. He tried them out himself. He wouldn't tell me if he liked his or not until after I tasted mine. Thanks for making my review completely unbiased.

I contacted Lovely Confections by Twitter beforehand to let them know my husband was stopping by. They did a great job of making sure my cupcakes were airplane-proof. These babies made it all the way home in one piece.

Delivery to my kitchen. I wish I had a cupcake courier for every cupcake shop.

The three cupcakes from Lovely Confections that I tried were Red Velvet, Bees Knees, and Chocolate Salted Caramel.

Red Velvet: I always use red velvet as a standard for a new cupcake place. Lovely Confections passes the red velvet test. The cake had a decent moistness and wasn't bright red, so I knew it was a true red velvet cake. The cream cheese frosting was tangy, as it should be. Proportion of frosting to cake was 1:3, which meant there was a lot of frosting. I didn't mind.

Bees Knees: This lavender cake also had decent moistness. At first I was a little put-off by the flavor because I normally associate lavender with soap. After a few more bites, I began to enjoy the cupcake how it was meant to be. The honey lemon frosting was "buttery good." I think I wrote this because of the strong butter taste, which is a good thing. The frosting had a good, thick consistency.

Chocolate Salted Caramel
: My favorite of the three! The chocolate cake was very moist, although I could have enjoyed a heavier chocolate flavor. The salted caramel frosting was excellent! It tasted just how I imagine a Werther's would taste as a frosting. The frosting really made this cupcake great.

Lovely Confections has my recommendation for anyone living in or visiting the Denver area. Their organic, local, natural cupcakes are high quality and taste delicious. Their regular-size cupcakes are $3 and their minis are $1.50.

Lovely Confections
1489 Steele St., Unit C
Denver, CO 80206
Facebook: Lovely Confections
Twitter: @Cupcakes_Denver

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Saturday Night Foodies said...

Great Review. Your cupcakes made the trek home a lot better than mine did but they were sure tasty!


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