Friday, November 9, 2012

Review: Luna Grill

I love an impromptu cupcake review! My husband and I were recently dining at Luna Grill, a Mediterranean chain that recently opened in Orange County. After ordering our food I noticed they had cupcakes for sale: regular-size red velvets ($3), mini vanilla bean cupcakes ($1.50), and mini chocolate cupcakes ($1.50). How could I pass them up?

I wouldn't expect to find cupcakes at a kabob restaurant, but I sure wasn't complaining. Since I'm adult and can do what I want, I ate my cupcakes before dinner came. Both were delicious! They were standard chocolate and vanilla bean cupcakes, but they were so moist. The cake was perfect and the frosting was tasty. I would definitely order them again. Next time I will try the red velvet too.

P.S. Our dinner was awesome too. I love when chicken is cooked perfectly!

Irvine Spectrum
55 Fortune Drive, Suite 602
Irvine, CA 92618


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