Monday, December 13, 2010

Re-Review: Twenty Five Main

Twenty Five Main was my first cupcake review on this blog. I stopped by their shop in May 2008, after I completed a triathlon near St. George, Utah. Twenty Five Main had just recently opened and sadly, their cupcakes weren't good at all. I was new to cupcake reviewing, but still knew that better cupcakes existed.

Twenty Five Main must have seen my review because when I was browsing their website two years later, I found that one of my photos (see below) was being used on their website to promote their cupcakes! That's really sad. My photos were ok, but how hard is it to take photos of your cupcakes? Although Twenty Five Main recently updated their website and my photo is no longer their main cupcake photo, my original photo can still be found on their website. I never said anything to them, but that's super tacky!

(The stolen photo)

Earlier this year, a comment was left on that original review which reads:
"When you went to 25 Main it had only been open for 2 months. They were still trying out cupcakes and what worked. Now that they have been open for almost 2 years, they have more of a selection and deserves a revisit!"
I agree.

I just happened to be in St. George for Thanksgiving, so I thought I would give them a second shot.

So was the second time better?

I wish.

I tried four flavors: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, Coconut, Raspberry, and Chocolate. Unfortunately for all of us waiting to eat delicious cupcakes, they were dry. The pumpkin cupcake was the only one that was somewhat moist, but the frosting was a little gummy. The chocolate cupcake had the same problem that I encountered the first time: hard edges. These just aren't gourmet cupcakes. My sister-in-law explained them perfectly, "it's like a neighbor made them."

So maybe cupcakes aren't Twenty Five Main's specialty, there are still plenty of other items to enjoy there. Twenty Five Main is a cute cafe that serves breakfast, salads, paninis, soup, pasta, and sandwiches. Stop by and give them a try.


Kitty said...

Ok, Cupcake Activist, please maybe you can explain something to me. I'm an American (but now in France.) I've been making cupcakes ever since I can remember, my Mother taught Home Ec and, she taught me. Then all the years with 4-H, FHA, four years of High School Home Ec myself, working in Bakeries and my own restaurant. And three children, therefore, many, many cupcakes. So, we're talking 45+ years. Meaning, I'm not Cupcake Challenged, I've got experience.

WHY is it that just about every American cupcake I see of late, has the frosting/icing JUST in the centre? It doesn't cover the entire cupcake. The ones above are prime examples. That just looks sloppy, unfinished, mean and slightly naked to me. The frosting/icing helps to seal in the moisture and prevents 'hard edges'. Is it just some trend? I hate it.

Moistness just requires a few science principles, some experimentation and attention to detail. Just Google it, for heaven's sake, Twenty Five Main, it's not rocket science.

Thank you for allowing me my rant. :)
Kind regards from France, Kitty

(But, I'd really like to know why so many places do just the frosting/icing plopped in the middle...)

Joni said...

Maybe that is why Sprinkles is so popular and GOOD. They frost the WHOLE cupcake and they are very moist.

Cupcake Crazy Gem said...

I hate when you go somewhere and there cupcakes are such a let down! you wonder how these places even stay open if they're not producing tasty cupcakes!

Cupcake Activist said...

Kitty-I definitely know what you're talking about. My guess is that the cupcakes looksaesthetically better when they do that, but their product fails.

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