Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Review: Kara's Cupcakes

My first cupcake stop in San Francisco was Kara's Cupcakes. I visited their Ghirardelli Square location, since it was closest to where I was staying.

Kara's Cupcakes had many flavors to choose from. I actually had a hard time picking from my favorites. While I was waiting, I overheard a man and women talking behind me in line. The man said, "I've never seen a store that only sells cupcakes." I turned around and smiled. If only he knew...

Pick #1: Chocolate Coconut: Chocolate cupcake with coconut cream cheese frosting.

On my first bite, I was hit with the strong taste of coconut. I was thinking the frosting would be a cream cheese frosting with coconut sprinkled on top, but I think it is a coconut-based frosting in addition to the coconut on top. The cake was very moist and went well with the frosting. My second thought was: Mounds bar. I love Mounds bar and it is great to see it in cupcake form.

Pick #2: Banana Caramel (filled): Banana cupcake with caramel filling and silky cream cheese frosting

Cupcake tasted just like banana bread with cream cheese frosting. I would have considered this a GOOD cupcake until I bit into the middle. Yummy caramel hit my tongue and instantly changed this into a GREAT cupcake! The combination of banana, caramel, and cream cheese made my taste buds tingle. If you are going to eat a banana cupcake from Kara's, make sure it is the caramel-filled one.

Pick #3: Chocolate Velvet: Chocolate cupcake with velvety bittersweet chocolate buttercream.

My first question in a new cupcakery is always, "What's the most popular flavor?" At Kara's, it is Chocolate Velvet. Although I love chocolate, a cupcake that has chocolate cake and chocolate frosting is usually a little too much chocolate for me. But I was ready to try this cupcake! I was not disappointed. Since the frosting was a silky, mousse-like frosting, it wasn't too intense, making this chocolate/chocolate cupcake a winner for me!

My first San Francisco cupcake encounter was phenominal! If this is how all cupcakeries in San Francisco are, I may just move here. If I had to compare Kara's Cupcakes to another cupcakery, I would say they are most like Sprinkles Cupcakes for these reasons: large size of cupcakes, great quality, good proportion of frosting to cake, and price.

Kara's Cupcakes sell for $3.25 each. Don't forget the milk ($1.00) because you will need it to complete this delicious dessert experience!

Kara's Cupcakes
900 North Point
San Francisco, CA 94109

Next time you are in San Francisco, make Kara's Cupcakes as high of a priority as Alcatraz or the Golden Gate Bridge. Kara's Cupcakes also has four other locations: San Francisco's Marina District, Palo Alto, San Jose, and Napa.

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Joni said...

They look soooo good-I wish I had one right now!


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