Friday, March 6, 2009

Valentino Chocolatier Cafe

Friday night my husband and I went to one of our favorite places for dinner--Whole Foods. Before we went in the store I spotted Valentino Chocolatier Cafe. It was past closing time, but they let me come in anyway.

I love the smell of chocolate stores, and the much to choose from. Imagine my delight when I found out that they sell cupcakes! My choices were red velvet, chocolate, carrot cake, and lemon. You can't go wrong with red velvet, right?

The anticipation of getting home so I could enjoy my cupcake with milk was almost too much. But I'm happy to report that my cupcake was good!

The red velvet had a few surprises mixed in--chocolate chips. I loved the mix of chocolate chips with the moist cake. Next, the frosting was not cream cheese, but it was creamy milk chocolate. I've never had a frosting be so creamy yet so delicious. The frosting was topped with some sugar crystals, always a nice touch.

(In case you were wondering, this is Domo. I bought him to give to my nephew for his birthday. He was a great model for my cupcake pictures.)

Valentine Chocolatier Cafe is located at the Tustin District between Whole Foods and Home Goods. They are open until 7:00pm Sunday-Thursday and 8:00pm on weekends. My cupcake was $3.00, which seems to be the standard price for a cupcake in Orange County. I will be back to try out their other flavors.

UPDATE: Valentino Chocolatier Cafe closed in 2010.


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