Monday, September 6, 2010

Dessert Burgers at Mandalay Bay

I don't even remember where I first heard about the Burger Bar, but I certainly didn't plan on getting to do a review. The Burger Bar is a restaurant inside Mandalay Bar in Las Vegas. When I heard about their dessert burgers, I planned on writing a short post about them. But last weekend fate brought me to Las Vegas and I knew I had to visit the Burger Bar.

Sometimes I forget how big Las Vegas hotels are. The Mandalay Bay has an entire mall in it. Tons of restaurants and stores. The Burger Bar looks like a typical restaurant, but it definitely was not. The burgers were fantastic!

But the items that caught my attention were the dessert burgers. What exactly is a dessert burger? Well, it looks like a hamburger, but tastes like a dessert. There are actually two types of dessert burgers at the Burger Bar: Nutella Dessert Burger and Cheesecake Dessert Burger. Since there were six of us, we had to try both.

The Nutella Dessert Burger is made with Nutella mousse (hamburger patty), kiwi (pickles), strawberries (tomatoes), mint (lettuce), passion fruit gelatin (mustard), and a donut for the buns.

The Cheesecake Dessert Burger has cheesecake as the patty, strawberries (tomatoes), pineapple slices (mustard), and a donut for buns.

Two burgers were not enough for the six of us. We scraped the plates clean. We were split on which dessert burger was better. It doesn't really matter because you'll have to try both anyway. Well worth the $5.95 for each.


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