Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sour Patch Kid Cupcakes from Cookies and Cups

I bookmarked this recipe about a month ago and have been waiting for the right moment to make for my friend Carrie who LOVES sour patch kids. Cookies and Cups' recipe even includes how to make the sour sugar. Check out the full recipe here.


Kristin said...

My daughter Sunny LOVES sourpatch kids. She was introduced to them when she was on a VERY long plane ride. I brought some of these babies because I thought it would take her a LONG time to eat them.

It did not.

She's three now. She just walked into my office and saw this post and said...Oooh! That looks like a good recipe. Can we make it today?

kerwelbeats said...

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Becca M said...
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Becca M said...
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Cindy Klorida said...

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Sour Patch Kid Cupcakes from Cookies and Cups, i like it

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nacila sava adiel rahman said...

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