Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Merely Sweets is Open

About six months ago I reported on a new cupcake shop to open in downtown Brea. My mom informed me that it's open and delicious! Merely Sweets isn't just a cupcake shop though. They also sell macarons, cookies, puff pastries, and cakes. My mom stopped by a week ago and tried her first macaron. She loved it!

Since Merely Sweets is located on Birch Street in downtown Brea, it is open late (yeah!): 9:00p on weekdays, 10:00p on Friday and Saturday, and 6:00p on Sundays. I stopped by last weekend to sample a little of everything. Want to know what I think? Watch for my full review soon!

Facebook: Merely Sweets
Twitter: @merelysweets
Website: (currently under construction)

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