Monday, September 26, 2011

OC Register Names "The Best of Orange County"

Each year the Orange County Register puts out a publication called "The Best of Orange County." It is derived from a survey where residents of Orange County vote for the "Best (blank) in Orange County." The publication was delivered today and of course the first category I looked at was "Best Cupcakes." For the most part, I can agree with the masses.

First Place: Sprinkles Cupcakes

It's hard to compete with such a large, well-known brand. But it's even harder to compete with Sprinkles when they are so good. Along with their great tasting cupcakes, Sprinkles gives you the experience of a gourmet cupcake. They makes their cupcakes feel special and well worth the price tag of $3.25. One thing I really like about Sprinkles is, along with the dozen or so flavors they offer daily, they sell different holiday and season-themed cupcakes throughout the year. I'm looking forward to trying their Caramel Apple available October 7-31.

This shop was bound to be successful with the popularity of the revamped Old Town Orange Circle. The Perfect Circle has become my local shop, as it is only blocks from my house. I love the cream cheese frosting that is present on top of the red velvet, pumpkin, and banana cupcakes. The owner has appeared on the Food Network's Cupcake Wars twice and even grabbed a win the second time. Mixed reviews from readers and reviewers have left me surprised that The Perfect Circle was one of the top cupcake shops in Orange County. Bad customer service and dry cake don't seem to be holding down The Perfect Circle's popularity. Cupcakes are $3.25 each and run out quickly, so make sure you plan your visit accordingly.

Third Place: SusieCakes

I've proclaimed SusieCakes as one of my favorite cupcake shops. They offer very simple, very delicious cupcakes. My favorite part about their cupcakes is the dollop of frosting hidden in the middle of the cupcake. Yum! Their cupcakes sell for $3.00 each. SusieCakes doesn't just sell cupcakes though, they have many other delicious desserts too. I love their chocolate chip cookies and have been eyeing all of their cakes for a while. You won't be disappointed!

Critic's Choice: Meringue Bake Shop

I can honestly say that cupcakes from Meringue Bake Shop are my favorites in Orange County! From the time I reviewed Meringue over 2-1/2 years ago until now, her cupcakes just keep getting better. Meringue Bake Shop currently sells her cupcakes at the Great Park Farmer's Market on Sunday and through direct order. Meringue has differentiated herself by introducing the world to Push Cakes. These delicious treats are modeled after a childhood candy called PushPops and are out of this world! My dream is that Meringue Bake Shop will open it's door at a real shop so I can eat her delicious cupcakes any day of the week!


Kristin said...

YEAH! Thank you!! I am still in shock that we got critic's choice! What an honor considering how many other cupcake folks there are in OC now.

Boston Bound Brunette said...

I have never tried any other cupcakes in Orange County except Sprinkles since I love them so much. Their cupcakes are now $3.50 but well worth it! My other favorite is My Delight Cupcakery in Ontario.

Madison said...

I can't believe Sprinkles beat out Susie's. I've eaten a lot of cupcakes and Susie's is at the top of my list. I'm glad they at lease placed...but third? They should be higher up on the list.


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