Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Cupcakes Coming to Orange County

Foodie is Disguise is reporting that two more cupcake shops will be opening in Orange County. He says,
"One will be opening in Mission Viejo across from the Gateway Plaza Shopping Plaza in April and the other will be located at Downtown Disney this summer."
I reported on the opening of a cupcake kiosk in Downtown Disney in December. Before I had a chance to visit, I heard that the kiosk closed.

The kiosk was owned by a company called The Cupcake Store. Upon further research, found out that The Cupcake Store has just opened a new cupcake shop in Mission Viejo in March. Their website is also reporting that they will be opening a location in Disneytown Disney soon. Sounds like the mystery is solved: the two new stores are actually one company.

And hopefully their cupcakes have improved because I talked to several people who tried their cupcakes at Downtown Disney and they said the cupcakes were no good.

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