Monday, March 29, 2010

What's New, Cupcake? Book is here

If you've ever had a thought about making creative cupcakes, you've probably seen the cookbook, "Hello, Cupcake!" Talk about cute cupcakes!

Photo: Amazon

Well, the authors, Karen Tack and Alan Richardson, are back with more. Their newest cupcake cookbook, "What's New, Cupcake?" is now available for sale. You can find it on Amazon for $11.53, but I'm sure it's available at most other bookstores too.

Just a sample of the amazing cupcakes you are sure to find in this book...."An Apple for the Teacher Cupcakes."

Photo: Amazon


Tasha said...

I won a copy at Milwaukee's Iron Cupcake competition- SIGNED by the authors :)

I think it might be better than the first one!

Cupcake Activist said...

Congrats Tasha! Lucky! I can't wait to see what they've come up now.

Teresa Halminton said...

The design is just perfect!!
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