Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mini Cupcake Clash Competitors (Part 1)

Welcome to SF Food Wars: Mini Cupcake Clash! I attended this fabulous event about a week ago (October 18, 2009) in San Francisco, CA. This was the first large cupcake contest that I've attended. I had a blast! And despite eating enough cupcakes to make me feel sick, I was still craving more that night. Go figure!

I've already posted the details and the winners of this event on a previous post. This post, along with the next few posts, highlights all of the twenty-two entrants.

Team #1: Zaftig Sweets "So What Spiced Mocha"
Sadly, this was my least favorite cupcake. I generally don't enjoy vegan cupcakes (although you might see that my opinion changes --hint, hint--).

Team #2: Team Mustache "Guinness Gasm"
My hubby and I both liked these. Almost exactly like the Irish Car Bomb cupcakes my friend Dave made for St. Patrick's Day. Great aftertaste.

Team #3: Baby Bites "Bacon & Chive Poppers"
My first savory cupcakes. I'm still debating on whether savory cupcakes are really cupcakes. That's a whole other discussion. These "cupcakes" were pretty tasty, despite not being sweet. There was even a cherry tomato in the middle. If you're interested in the recipe, you can DM @marycray

Team #4: Team Chomp "Viva Churrito!"
One of my husband's favorites! These cupcakes had a homemade churro chip on top. Pretty good!

Team #5: Double the Yum! "It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!"
These cupcakes won the award for People's Choice Honorable Mention (for close-up photo see previous post). And in case you didn't notice, these girls are twins!

Team #6: Team Pound "Fromage et Trois"
Another savory "cupcake."

Team #7: Team TimeCube "Autumn Apple"
I can't remember trying an apple cupcake before this, but why not? Two of my favorite foods put together! Even more interesting is the type of apple used: Gravenstein. I had never tried or even heard of this type of apple. After eating this cupcake, I need to find those apples! This was the second place winner for my favorite cupcake. The frosting was definitely the best of all of the cupcakes. The little bit of caramel on top really made the cupcake. Delicious!

Team #8: Mission Minis "Cinnamon Horchata"
These cupcakes won the award for Judges 3rd place. I got the chance to talk to Brandon Arnovick, the owner of Mission Minis. It sounds like his cupcake company is doing really well. You can buy his cupcakes at many coffee shops, yogurt shops, delis, and Whole Foods in the San Francisco area. You know his cupcakes have to be good if they are being sold at Whole Foods! His cupcake was another one of my top favorites for the day. The frosting was perfect, which is something that is so important for a cupcake.

Coming Up: Teams #9-15

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