Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mini Cupcake Clash Competitors (Part 2)

You've already seen the winners and Teams #1-8. Let's meet Teams #9-15.

Team #9: Little Miss Muffin "Tiny Treasures"
Traditional red velvet mini cupcakes.

Team #10: Yahtzee, B****cakes! "Tossed Salad (Dressing)"
I was very nervous to try this cupcake. It was another non-sweet cupcake. Surprisingly, it wasn't bad like I thought I would be. The cake part was a little drier than normal, which made it more like a piece of bread. The dressing was made with balsamic vinegar. So the pairing of the two was like dipping a piece of bread in vinegar. Interesting idea, but not quite a cupcake in my eyes.

Team #11: Hella Fat "My Grandma's Bananas"
Another big winner team! This cupcake won two awards: People's Choice and Judges 2nd Place. I was in line with the attendees and judges and loved this cupcake!

Team #12: Small But Mighty "Strawberry Extra-Shortcake"
This was my personal third favorite cupcake from this event. Vanilla cupcakes with sugar glazed on top with a small blowtorch, topped with strawberries and chocolate swirl. Oh! And there was a chocolate filling in the middle. Yummy!

Team #13: FTW "Vampire Bites"
Frosting made with Sriacha. Not sure how I feel about spicy with a sweet cupcake.

Team #14: The City Zingers "Lemon Twist"

Team #15: The Dynotologists "Green Tea Cupcakes of Glory"

I got the chance to talk to many of the other attendees. I met Craig and Kevin and we debated on whether savory cupcakes were really cupcakes. It was fun to be able to talk cupcakes with so many people.

Coming Up: Teams #16-22

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