Monday, March 23, 2009

Irish Car Bombs via Cupcakes

Last Tuesday I celebrated my first real St. Patrick's Day! I always wear green, but my celebrating has never gone beyond that. This year I was introduced to corned beef and cabbage courtesy of friends Dave and Tanya, who invited my husband and I over for dinner.

Leprechauns were very sneaky and turned all of the beverages green. Dinner was great and dessert was even better.

Somehow Dave found time to make Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes, a recipe that I posted on my blog a few weeks ago. Keep in mind that Dave has never made cupcakes before. So for his first attempt he chose to use a difficult recipe which involved making the cupcakes from scratch, a ganache filling, and frosting.

Notice that even the milk was green!

Talk about rich! The ganache center was the best part! And to top it off, the frosting was delicious, thankfully not whipped cream. Dave did a great job. He can make cupcakes for me anytime!

Real Irish car bombs were guzzled by the brave. St. Patrick's Day is not that bad of a holiday once you get to know it.


Kristin said...

green milk! cool idea. ive heard of green beer but not green milk. those cupcakes look delish too. I had another take on the irish car bomb cupcake with a irish cream custard center. its on my blog.

steph said...

i like to call car bombs 'beer ice cream' cause the baileys curdled just a little and makes the beer taste really creamy. i haven't had one in years, though!

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