Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cold Stone Cupcakes

Cold Stone Creamery sent out a press release this morning announcing that they will be selling Ice Cream Cupcakes for a limited time. These Ice Cream Cupcakes will be sold in a six-pack for $9.99 and will be available starting today (February 4) until March 31, 2009.

The Ice Cream Cupcakes will be available in three different flavors. They all sound so delicious:
  1. Cake Batter Delux: red velvet cake with fudge and cake batter ice cream in a rich Belgian chocolate shell, topped with pink frosting and sprinkles
  2. Sweet Cream: yellow cake with fudge and sweet cream ice cream in a rich Belgian chocolate shell, topped with Bettercreme frosting and Duo Mistrals topping
  3. Double Chocolate Devotion: devil's food cake with fudge and chocolate ice cream in a rich Belgian chocolate shell, topped with Bettercreme frosting and Oreo cookie
And if that wasn't good enough, select locations will let customers create their own ice cream cupcakes. It's been a while since I've been to Cold Stone, but it looks like I need to visit soon. Let me know if you've seen or tried this new treat!


Becky @ Project Domestication said...

I tried these this afternoon. I really wished I would have tried the red velvet or double fudge. I had the sweet cream and thought it needed more variety.

here's my unofficial review and photos on my flickr page!

Unknown said...

i tried these this weekend. we bought the 6 pack for $10. They were good, not enough cake in them though. Esp the red velvet one. The cake was barely detectable. But it was my fav because of the cake batter ice cream. The chocolate cupcake was good too. I also thought the sweet cream one was kinda blah. I wish they would have done a mint or strawberry one. Id definitely get the Red Velvet one though again. Just wish there was more cake in it! :D

Cupcake Activist said...

Becky- Thanks for the link to your photos. They do look tasty, but I agree with you that I want to try the red velvet and chocolate fudge.

Kristin- That's what I feared...not enough cake. I like ice cream, but it is not my favorite dessert. I think the red velvet will be the one I try. Thanks for the suggestion!

Anonymous said...

i have to say i was very disappointed in these, but not sure what i really expected. there was only about about a quarter inch of cake, way too much frosting, and wasnt a fan of the chocolate shell. It was definitely pretty and creative, but i wouldnt recommend anyone spend 10 bucks on the six pack when they could get real yummy cupcakes from bristol farms, sprinkles or the perfect circle. i bought the multi variety pack with all three flavors...not a fan though.

Anonymous said...

I work at Coldstone and make these all the time. We have to order the chocolate cups from some really far away fancy place, so our prices might actually go up soon to eleven dollars. We put everything together ourselves in the store... the cake, fudge, scoop of ice cream, we frost them, and package them. That can explain why there's differences in the amount of cake; we eyeball on how much to put in. We're only supposed to put an inch of cake so there's room for the scoop of ice cream without it overflowing the cup, it makes it hard to frost when it's so big. The more the ice cream overflows the cup, the more frosting needed to cover it, which makes them look big and weird and have too much frosting. Also, at least in my store (in Illinois), we customize the cupcake if someone asks us to. Say, if they want mint ice cream with chocolate cake, white frosting with a chocolate heart on top. We can sell them individually (for the price of a like it ice cream) by taking one out of the container or making one on the spot, but we prefer not to do that because it gets tedious with all the missing cupcakes needed to make a pack and it does take a few minutes to make on depending on what kind. But some Coldstones are different. Our bosses just really want us to always have a lot of each kind in the store. We have variety packs of 2 of each kind. Other stores barely bother. As for the "cake" issue, I think Coldstone is mostly trying to highlight the ice cream. Our cake is just a mix-in, its not supposed to be special. What makes the cupcakes special is the ice cream. That's why its in there, and not so much cake.

And Becky, the LABEL on the top of the cupcake container had SWEET CREAM colored in, letting you know it was just sweet cream cupcakes in the container. At least, that's what I saw in the picture. A variety pack would have each circle colored in.

I personally like them. I didn't have trouble eating one, probably b/c I had left it in the freezer to harden and then cut it in half (was sharing it with my boyfriend) and ate it. Mine was sweet cream with oreos mixed in and yellow cake. My favorite part was actually the shell. The dark chocolate was really good. It's just a creative way to eat the ice cream, a small version of an ice cream cake.


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