Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bristol Farms to relocate

I heard that one of the two Bristol Farms locations in Orange County was closing. Since I have only been to the Newport Beach location, I had my fingers crossed that it wasn't that location. After reading more of the article, I found that it was the Mission Viejo location that would be closing.

Why would I be so concerned about the closing of Bristol Farms? Well, Bristol Farms sells some delicious cupcakes! Last year, the OC Register chose Bristol Farms for Best Overall and Best Frosting on cupcakes in their Cupcake Challenge. That's a pretty big deal considering there are a lot of good cupcakes to be found in Orange County. After reading about the Cupcake Challenge, I decided that I needed to try a few cupcakes from Bristol Farms. Check out my review here.

So back to the story...the good news is that even though the Mission Viejo location is closing, Bristol Farms is going to relocate to a new location between San Clemente and Mission Viejo. Although this location is not closer for me, at least Bristol Farms is not diminishing it's Orange County presence.

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