Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Sweets from Sweet & Saucy Shop

Every year near Valentine's Day I write a post pretty much telling my husband what to buy me for the holiday. He doesn't need to buy me any expensive gifts. All I want are cupcakes and sweets!!

If you live near Orange County, you're in luck! Sweet and Saucy Shop has some delicious options for Valentine's gifts this year. Men: take note. Women: pass this along to your hubbies.

Valentine's cupcakes, macarons, sugar cookies, cake lollipops, brownies, heart-shaped pies, and chocolate-dipped rice krispy treats. Skyler, please get me all of the above!

Sweet and Saucy Shop has locations in Long Beach and Newport Beach. I hope your Valentine's Day is as sweet as I wish mine will be <3 p="">


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