Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Shipping Cupcake Problem Solved?

I've received so many emails asking if I know how to ship cupcakes. You would think it would be a simple concept, and it is, but the problem still remains. Or does it?

A UK company, Card Cuts, says they have solved the problem. Their product: Cakes-Away Postable Cupcake Boxes. And it looks like they might actually work. Check out their review here.

Have you tried shipping cupcakes before? Success or no success?


Michele said...

Glad news of our box has travelled across the pond - hoping they will soon be stocked by Sugarcraft and we are looking for other distributors. Our customers in the UK are very excited about being able to expand their businesses by sending cupcakes in the mail.

The Fancy Lady said...

when i first started my online shop i got around it by making cupcakes icing them then dipping the icing in chocolate to protect the icing but it became to much work , i can't wait till they come to the u.s id love to try one

jorg gray said...
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