Monday, May 14, 2012

Giveaway for Sweet Tooth Fairy Cakebites

Yes I have a love affair with Sweet Tooth Fairy. Ever since I first tasted their cupcakes over two years ago, I have thought about them every day since. You know they must be good, as they are my #2 top cupcake shop of all time!

And I'm not the only person who thinks Sweet Tooth Fairy is amazing! Since my review, they have opened 7 more locations, won Cupcake Wars, and have been asked to compete on Cupcake Champions.

My good friend Kristin lives in Utah and frequents Sweet Tooth Fairy often. I live vicariously through her since I'm several hundreds of miles away from the nearest location. Kristin recently wrote a post about Megan Faulkner Brown, the woman behind the spatula at Sweet Tooth Fairy. Her post talks about how Megan is not just a great baker, but an inspiration in many different ways.

The Vocal Sokol is giving away two dozen of Sweet Tooth Fairy's famous Cakebites to a reader of her blog. You can read about Megan and enter the contest here. If you win, I might make you send me half of your prize :)

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