Monday, January 3, 2011

My Top 10 Cupcakes of All Time - Recap

#10 - Kara's Cupcakes

and my favorite cupcake shop of all time is Elizabethan Desserts!

I hope you enjoyed my list. There are still so many cupcake shops that I haven't tried yet, so this list will definitely be ever-changing. Do you know a cupcake shop that I should visit and review? Let me know so I can add it to my list of shops to visit in the future.

Happy New Year! I predict a year full of lots of cupcakes!


LL Johnson said...

I'm curious where you will be placing "My Delight Cupcakery" on this list!!! They are within walking distance of me! lol My best friend and I have been traveling your top 10 cup cake places!! Yesterday we went to the Vanilla bake shop and it was pretty amazing :D

Cupcake Activist said...

My Delight will probably be somewhere near the top. They are awesome!


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