Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Is Anyone Still Watching 2 Broke Girls?

Of course I was super excited when I first heard about a TV show with a premise of two girls trying to open up a cupcake shop. But after about four episodes, my husband and I had had enough of 2 Broke Girls. Every episode was so predictable and the sarcasm was just a bit too much.

For the season finale, the girls tried to get Martha Stewart to taste one of their cupcakes. Did anyone watch? Should I just back on the 2 Broke Girls bandwagon?


winja said...

I watched when it first came out, but CBS revoked watching the show on their website, so I stopped!

It was funny for a while, but you're right - the sarcasm was a bit too much.

Madison said...

You don't like that show? Because I love it! I don't know if I watch it more for the cupcakes or the fact that the Caroline character wears the same necklace I guess I'm one of the people keeping this show alive.

sharshar said...

I was able to continue to watch 2 Broke Girls on my Hopper since I had to work at Dish most of the time during the week. When I went back to watch the show, I enjoyed watching all the sarcasm and I loved being able to watch it commercial free with Dish. My Hopper has the Auto Hop feature so it made it that much more pleasant. All in all I am sad to see it end.

Allison said...

I love it! I can't get enough, although I did not like the Martha episode because all she did was taste it and like it so I'm hoping there is more next season with Martha, otherwise it was pointless

Unknown said...

I tried watching this show too and never made it past the first episode. Ok maybe I judged a bit too soon cuz every TV show has a weird first episode, but I haven't been left wanting more.


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