Monday, February 27, 2012

Cupcake Wars Leads Me to New OC Bakery

Two weeks ago I was watching the "Cupcake Love Story" episode of Cupcake Wars and was surprised to here there was a shop from Costa Mesa, CA! The owner said that they had just opened three months prior to the show. The following day I made a special trip down to Costa Mesa to find The Queen's Bakery. Not only do they sell cupcakes, but macaroons, cookies, and cake too! I'll be sharing my review later this month. Here are the competitors of this episode of Cupcake Wars:

Sweet Spils (Los Angeles, CA) online

Casereccio Cakes (Vero Beach, FL) **winner**

The Queen's Bakery (Costa Mesa, CA)

The Sweet Shoppe (Blue Ridge, FL)

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