Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LA Cupcake Challenge 2012: The Competitors Part 3

The party goes on! Here's the next set of bakers from the LA Cupcake Challenge:

Los Angeles, CA

Classic Chocolate (not judged)

Classic Vanilla: They make this same cupcake every year. It's a classic wedding cake flavor cupcake. Nothing special.

Ontario, CA

I can't express enough how wonderful their cupcakes are. I can honestly say they are my favorite cupcakery in the area! They have won awards at every cupcake competition they have entered. They didn't disappoint at this year's LA Cupcake Challenge either. Besides how wonderful their cupcakes were, they also had a great display. Congrats to them for being so perfect!

Red Velvet Raspberry Cheesecake: AMAZING! I already love their "normal" red velvet cupcake and this cupcake really stepped it up. Loved everything about it: the graham cracker crumbs, the raspberry filling, it has everything a great cupcake should inspire to. Double yum!!

Western Breaksfast (not judged)

Pasadena, CA

Black Cherry Almond: Decent flavor, but I'm not much of an almond fan.

Blueberry Cupcake: tasted just like a blueberry muffin with frosting

Los Angeles, CA (online, catering)

Southern Red Velvet: It's hard to impress me with a red velvet and this just didn't cut it.

Pineapple Upside Down (not judged)


Boston Bound Brunette said...

My Delight is my absolute favorite and I live 10 minutes away from their shop!!

Real Desserts said...

I have tried Shereese's Sweets Southern Red Velvet and there Red Velvet taste way better then other red velvets ive tasted. Maybe your taste buds dont know what a traditional southern red velvet taste like... Your used to all the impostor red velvets being sold these days. But we all like what we like and have different taste buds. I attended the LA Cupcake Challenge and some of the places that you gave kudos to were down right nasty!!! I enjoy real, from scracth desserts. And a lot of the cupcakes at the Challenge were doctored up box mixes. Sweet Red Peach also had good cups! I guess being on Cupcake Wars automatically means your cupcake taste awesome....NEGATIVE in my opinion.


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