Friday, February 24, 2012

LA Cupcake Challenge 2012: The Competitors Part 2

Redlands, CA (catering)

No Yo' Mamas Banana Pudding: I love a good banana pudding. This one passed the test.

El Pastelito Caliente: I wish there was more heat in the chili flavor.

Lancaster, CA

Buddafinga (not judged)

Love-Me-Mosa: Enjoyed the graham cracker crust.

San Clemente, CA (catering)

Tres Leches

Dulcita de la Creme

I didn't get to try either one because they ran out. Boo.

Los Angeles, CA (catering)

Cinnamon French Toast: the bread on top was dry, but the rest of the cupcake reminded me of a cinnamon strussel cake

Roasted Banana: tasted dry, like it had been sitting out too long

Corona, CA (catering)

Chocolate Wasted: a really good chocolate cupcake. Yum!

Pineapple Dream: great combo of flavors. Light and fluffy, one of my favorites of the day.

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Frosted Heaven Cupcakery said...

Excited that you enjoyed our cupcakes Elise! Your feedback means a lot. Would love to send you more flavors to try. I will contact you to set something up. Have a great weekend!

Addie Abner
Frosted Heaven Cupcakery


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