Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Casey's Cupcakes to Overtake Sprinkles?

According to an interview with the Fast Food Maven, Casey Reinhardt, owner of Casey's Cupcakes, is expanding her company with hopes to become a national brand. Casey's Cupcakes has been in the news a lot this year with the opening of a new location in Laguna Beach and an appearance (and win!) on Cupcake Wars. And now she's adding two more locations: Irvine and Newport Beach.

Her Newport Beach store will be at Fashion Island, just a hop, skip, & jump away from Sprinkles Cupcakes. Can Casey's Cupcakes compete with Sprinkles?

Not only is Casey dotting the map with her stores, she is also adding more products. Doggie cupcakes and cupcake lollipops will soon be available for sale.

Some people believe that the cupcake craze will fade, but Casey and I share the same thought when she says, "I believe that people will always eats sweets. It makes people feel better."

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