Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bundt Cakes Coming to So Cal to Replace Cupcakes?

It will never stop. Donuts. Pies. Macaroons. Now Bundt Cakes. Cupcakes aren't going away, but that doesn't mean there's not room to share.

The Fast Food Maven is reporting that Nothing Bundt Cakes is expanding to Orange County. Three stores are scheduled to open in Tustin, Costa Mesa, and Mission Viejo.

I have no problem with bundt cakes because of their similarities to cupcakes. I can't wait to try one when they get here.

What do you think? Will cupcakes ever be replaced? If so, what will replace them?


Dave said...

Nothing Bundt Cakes are really good.. I got a Groupon for them for the one here in Manhattan Beach and their dozen "Bundtinis" are only $18, so $1.50 each instead of the $3 for a cupcake (they are a little smaller, but in some was, a perfect size)

Cupcake Activist said...

I've actually had a piece of one of their big cakes at a wedding and it was pretty good. How's their flavor selection? said...

very interesting.. I still think Cupcakes will remain popular.

Both our Santa Barbara cupcakeries just opened new locations so they both have 2 stores..

Whodidly opened in Paseo Nuevo near Nordstroms and
Crushcakes opened in Carpinteria, 15 miles from SB.

Cupcake Activist said...

I need to try Whodidly still. Hopefully I'll be in the Santa Barbara area soon.

Joni said...

Its about time they came to Orange County!!! They are good but definitely not as good as a cupcake!

Maria said...

Uh oh,I've been wishing for years to start a home based cupcakery and finally have decided go for it. I hope cupcakes are not going obsolete. I guess I can always offer bundts as a cupcake alternative. Viva la cupcakes!

CaSaundraLeigh said...

I'm not a big fan of bundt cakes..I don't think anything will ever outshine a cupcake!

p.s. Would you take a minute and vote for my Pink Velvet POM cupcake here:
You can definitely spread the word if you would like--thanks a million!

Becky @ Project Domestication said...

I am a big fan of bundt cakes in general. I love making them and love eating the. I don't ever see them getting as big as cupcakes though.

We have Nothing Bundt Cakes out here and I've only tried them a few times. I think their cream cheese frosting and they way the put it on is cool.

I am happy for the owners to have made this a large company and franchise nationwide. But does anyone else get sad when bakeries get so big, I feel like they loose that personal feel? I just love the small bakery feel, knowing that eggs are being cracked, flour is being measured, etc.

I really have no clue what the next big dessert will be. But honestly I don't see anything ever getting as popular as cupcakes. But like I said on twitter, cupcakes are a tradition, not a trend! They ain't going nowhere.


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